Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ideas Book!

I was in Officeworks the other day (actually, I was there 3 times this week because I kept forgetting stuff!) and browsing through the stationery section when I found this little hardcover notebook perfect for keeping in my handbag so that I could jot things down as I think of them instead of having to keep ideas in my leaky brain or email myself only to ignore it.  Anyway, inspired by my friend Amy from Stampin' Stuff who is always decorating books, I thought I'd try and cover it.  This is how it looks:

I've been dying to try Tim Holtz's ink splatter technique.  Basically it's just like being back in Kindy again!  It's so easy and fun and it doesn't really matter if you stuff it up.  It's not supposed to look perfect.  So to do this you need a couple of colours of alcohol ink, a can of Pressurised Air (hence one of the visits to Officeworks) and glossy cardstock (MUST be glossy or the ink'll just soak in).  Drop a couple of drops of one ink colour randomly on the card.  Quickly, before it dries, give each ink dot a quick blast from your pressurised air can.  The ink should spread.  Repeat with the other colours until the majority of the card has been filled.  Try for some overlaps of colours to see the different effects.  This was really very quick to do and I've got a unique background card.  This is the back of the book:

To finish off the book I stamped a title using Stampin' Up alphabet stamps.  I also found a sentiment stamp that fitted the "ideas" theme of the notebook and backed it with Stampin' Up creamy caramel card.  The finishing touch was a strip of grosgrain ribbon to decorate across the front and back and I attached another length of the same ribbon to the inside back cover of the book to help me keep my place. 

This is the first ever book I've covered, however now I know how much fun it is I'm looking around for other things to do too!

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

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